Les clips videos de Mme Nero

C’est pas sorcier! “D’où viennent les français?” Une série que j’utilise souvent dans ma classe des sciences humaines, C’est pas sorcier, explique la provenance des français dans l’histoire.  Intéressant pour l’apprenant de français aussi.

Apprendre la langue par les expériences de ces jeunes qui demande à Pizza Hut de leur livrer une pizza entre-gare.  Sous-titré et bien exagéré.

LEARN: a great video to show students that we are ALL learners, and that learning does not end once students graduate and leave the confines of the school halls (or even the streets of their home towns)

MOVE a great vid for classroom discussion:  Which places do the students recognize?  What are their names in the target language?  Which would they like to visit one day and why?  Does anyone know the history of any of the places visited?  If you were to plan a trip around the world like Rick Mereki…what would you do?

Sophie la girafe fête ses 50 ans! Many children today have younger brothers and sisters who have become attached to the French toy Sophie the Giraffe.  This is a cute video about her evolution into the phenomenon she is today

Le site officiel de Sophie la Girafe

Be Tough: Take a Foreign Language…it will better prepare you for “collage”.  Hilarious video to show students that language learning can be confusing at first, but it gets better.  (light fun for your students…a first day activity?)

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Last semester, I asked all of my French classes to find the Francophone element in this video clip.  None of the students were able to find it, until the second time they watched it some of them correctly guessed that David Guetta is French.

Joey is learning French!  Makes students laugh and shows how important it is to pronounce the words.  I take out the “My brother is a little retarded” part though.

I have my students create music videos by changing the lyrics (but maintaining the structure of cause and effect from the original ALORS ON DANSE by Stromae).  This is a great video clip for students as it makes them laugh and see get them into the beat of the song.  Jamel is a famous French comedian (comique en francais) who is well know for never taking his right hand out of his pocket.

The comment about Parc d’Astérix is linked to Jamel’s role in Mission Cléopatre as Numérobix (a hilarious movie I show my students who create crossword puzzles from its content)

Here is another quick clip of SAV, this time starring Omar as Doudou (singing) the Black Eyed Peas.